Wicked Fairy Witch With Cat Animatronic

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Wicked Fairy Witch With Cat Animatronic

Talking ghost train figure with lighting & movement as Halloween Animatronic

Be careful when you visit the fairy tale forest, it can happen that you meet the evil fairy tale witch who is about to eat her old cat as a meal. The wicked witch stands before her overheated coal-boiling kettle, while she holds the meowing cat by her feet. In the uncanny scrap of a forest witch and equipped with a classic witch hat, the mobile witch figure with light and sound is a wonderful Halloween Animatronic in ghost train style.

The spooky Halloween Animatronic is easy to assemble and has a volume control. With three different Halloween speeches (engl. ), you have to be careful not to wield the witch with a spell. The evil witch's eyes shine as the upper body swings back and forth, and the screeching & meowing cat flicks over the cooking pot. As the witch's mouth moves, she says 3 different sayings: "(Bad laughter)": "Eh heh heh heh you want to make a tasty meal - my favorite is the flesh from a black cat, but you will do nicely! Eh heheheh! ":" See what happens when you cross my path. "

The evil fairy witch with cat consists of metal, plastic, polyester shredded. The Halloween figure comes with a German adapter for the plug, so the Halloween Animatronic fits also for German sockets. You can operate the Halloween Animatronic in 3 different modes: Activated by motion detector, triggered by a permanent loop or the enclosed footpad.

Scope of supply: 1 x evil fairy witch with cat Animatronic

  • Content: 1 x Halloween Animatronic, 3 functions: continuous operation, motion detector or activation by included floor mat
  • Colour: Orange / Yellow / Beige / Black
  • Size: approximately 190 cm
  • Material: Metal, plastic, polyester, electronics
  • Adapter for German connection is included
  • Fantastic Halloween Animatronic with light, movement & sound

Attention: It is important that the evil fairy witch with cat Animatronic free standing, protected from the access by party guests, is set up. The Halloween Animatronic has a sensitive electronics that can be broken if, for example, b, the figure can be prevented from moving. Professional Halloween Animatronics like the Evil Fairy Witch with Cat Animatronic are basically decorative items to look at and not to touch!

The Halloween Animatronic is an indoor decoration and is only to be used outdoors if it has a dry canopy! The article is a decorative item for adults and not a toy. Not suitable for children under 12 years. Can contain small items that can be swallowed - danger of suffocation. Keep away from fire and open flames.