The official Avatar masks and costumes beaming you to the planet Pandora - if you want to be here, to order now in our online shop!

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Avatar masks

Avatar masks with license

James Cameron's extremely successful science fiction film "Avatar" convinces with its numerous computer animations and 3D effects - to look at the blue Na'vi aliens are beautiful.With our official Avatar masks and costumes you too can become the imaginative aliens.

Avatar masks from the blockbuster movie

In the film, former Marine Jake Sully's avatar as the alien look in Pandora go to convince the natives of them to abandon their resource-rich planet of mankind.Who would sometimes play the role of the Explorer's, is well equipped with our Avatar Jake Sully masks for men and children.

Avatar Neytiri Costume masks and charming

The Na'vi Neytiri enters the scene when Sully is surrounded by wild predators.It frees Sully out of danger and brings him to their tribal members.The Neytiri costume you turn into the pretty aliens and can turn the men on the next Carnival Party head.

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