Fans of Slasherfilms "Halloween" can look forward to our original licensed Michael Myers masks, costumes and accessories.

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Michael Myers costumes and masks

John Carpenter's Halloween - the origin of Slasherfilms

With "Halloween - The night of horror" John Carpenter created a real horror classic with Donald Pleasence as a psychiatrist and Jamie Lee Curtis as a scream queen.At the center is the notorious serial killer who seeks by preference young girl for life - for everyone who wants to slip into his role again, we have the Michael Myers costume with license in the range.

Official Michael Myers Costumes

The horror film "Halloween" has with his Michael Myers costume outright to try the accessories of merciless slasher icon even once during the same festival.We therefore recommend that Michael Myers costumes, masks and overalls from the original and the numerous sequels and knives and scalpels for a great Halloween look.

Halloween remake of Rob Zombie

The rock musician and director Rob Zombie knows the classic slasher genre also to appreciate and has set itself two remakes equal to a monument.Michael Myers costume is also available from the remakes - less classic, but with rough Rob Zombie note.

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