For those who are looking for original licensed Hellraiser accessories, we have the official Pinhead and Cenobites masks and costumes in the range.

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Hellraiser Pinhead costumes and mask

Official Hellraiser Pinhead costumes and accessories for fans

With "Hellraiser" writer and director Clive Barker created a unique horror movie - pleasure and pain are the central motifs of the atmospherically dense work and its numerous sequels.The main character Pinhead was shown in almost all parts of performer Doug Bradley, who has long been with his physical presence and the sound bites for horror icon.For all fans of the cult film, we have original licensed Hellraiser costumes that Pinhead mask and other accessories in the assortment.

Celebrate with the Pinhead mask carnival

Also during carnival horror film panels are always a highlight.Hellraiser costumes that Pinhead mask and torture belt absorbed that you slip into the skin of the infamous Cenobit-Leaders can and a bloodbath among the party guests.

Hellraiser horror costumes for pleasures

The Hellraiser Box is the mystical object with which the Cenobiten be brought into our reality.Also try to get you with the cube the demons into the here and now or join even the shape of a cenobites with the Scorn Cenobite costume.Every horror fan will be thrilled with security from the official licensed products such as Pinhead mask and cenobites costumes! Order you now our Clive Barker Hellraiser Pinhead costumes and the matching mask in the online shop!

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