Friday the 13th

With the official Friday the 13th Fan articles the next Carnival Party is the slasher.

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Jason costumes and Friday the 13th-Accessories

Original licensed costumes and Jason Slasher accessories

Sean S.Cunningham's "Feitag of. 13"Is a real size in the horror genre and also the epitome of the classic slasher film in which revealing teenagers need to be on guard against a bloodthirsty killer always.Fans of the film series, we recommend the official Jason costumes and another Friday the 13thAccessories to celebrate the iconic horror character Jason Voorhees due.

Jason costumes, masks and machetes

To turn you into the famous slasher icon, we offer the original licensed Jason costumes and of course the infamous hockey mask.Only in this way you can ensure and prove that you're a real fan of authentic horror mood on the next Carnival Party.Of course, the bloody machete may not be missing also.

Jason costumes and horror decoration

Those who want to decorate their four walls or the carnival-Location perfect, with a hanging figure, the schnapps glasses and candy holders also ideally suited as a gift for horror movie fans, well served.With Jason costumes and accessories befitting a massacre nothing stands in the way !.
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