The Simpsons are known as yellow colored dogs. Therefore, for the next Carnival Party we also Simpsons masks and costumes in the range.

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Simpsons masks and costume margin

Original licensed Simpsons masks and official margin Costume

The Simpsons are having wacky adventures and clever allusions to historical events, film, music and sports long ago an integral part of pop culture.Anyone who wants to dress up as time itself lovable cartoon character at the Carnival, for which we have the original licensed accessories yellow inhabitants Springfields in range.

With humor and charm to success

As Matt Groening late 80s brought the Simpsons on the TV screen, the Americans would probably have dreamed that his little slobs should become one of the most successful animated series of all time.The figures have conquered the hearts of the audience by storm and are now an extremely successful franchise worldwide.

With the Simpsons masks and the margin for Costume Party center

For anyone who likes yellow Stars, we have the appropriate accessories on hand - try but also of time, ostentatious or faithful margin to celebrate costume during carnival with the masks of Homer and Bart Simpson.As you'll see, it's easy to slip with the Simpsons masks and the margin costume for a day in the role of the famous cartoon characters.

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