Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The original licensed Leatherface masks and costumes you bring the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the next Carnival Party.

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Leatherface masks and accessories

Original licensed Leatherface mask

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is Tobe Hooper's masterpiece, in which the disturbed Leatherface spread with his equally ill family members of terror and horror.Actor Gunnar Hansen was allowed to react in the original as a man with the leather mask on the Teeangern what he did so impressively that the chainsaw massacre was forbidden for a long time in many countries.

Leatherface mask, chainsaws and Costumes

The appearance of the protagonist is played perfectly with our Leatherface masks - combine them with the matching chain and the authentic apron and train you so the way through the screaming guests of the Carnival Party.

The chainsaw massacre decorative items

In addition to the Leatherface mask and costume accessories, we also have many decorative items such as the Signpost sign that the shot glasses and Leatherface Goblet and the hanging figure in the range.So it's all ready for a slaughterhouse experience true to the motto "The Saw is Family".

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